Working today without air condition for 7hours feel like my hand is bad luck since i switch on the air cond but its not working at all and splash the fire some more. Scary me~
ARGH~~~ What such a hot weather i'm inside office without air-condition feeling like sauna!
Still got damn lot of appointment waiting me to call!
I am not in mood of work i just wanna go home!
Miss my bedroom so much!!!
Prefer go to class rather than sitting here without doing anything!
No one at office and help me solve the problem! ARGH~~~ @.@
I will go home if tomorrow the problem still remain!
Beh tahan~


Went to Bukit Gambang Resort City for 2D1N with family after rushed for my first assignment.
Stress recently with study and work finally get release while this holiday =)
2 more assignment to go =(

Just realized i have lot of post haven been update:
Redang trip
Rachel's birthday
Shopping day
Hiking moment
Ash's birthday
K session
Shabu shabu
Xiao Ke Ai's birthday
NS gathering
and the latest one- Bukit Gambang Resort City!!!

11 posts i need to update!!! @.@
I wish there is 48hours per day... ARGH~~~


Food Poison

Last two day take nasi lemak as breakfast and i think the santan is not fresh caused me food poison @.@
Stomachache is killing me for this two day @.@
Cirit-birit some more and i'm suffering like hell~~~
No mood to rush for assignment even i could wish i can finish before dateline :'(





Hey people i am back!
But i am not going to post a lot and upload picha as i am busy!
Really feel guilty as a blogger didn't complete her task well T_______T

Yesterday night went to pasar malam at connaught, kinda ages didn't been there.
Today no class and work, hanging out with sweeties for k session.
Even is tiring but am happy and enjoy.
Tomorrow is the turn for going to shabu shabu with same gang.
Day after tomorrow attend xiao ke ai's birthday party. I really have no idea what should buy to a kid as birthday gift. >.<

I think i'd already forgot about my assignment even due date is around the corner!!! >.< wth
Who's gonna to help me? T___________T
suffering again
Whatever la... after enjoy then only start my stuff!!!
Gambate and good luck to myself and even you too =)




Piss Off

I have no did wrong in any appointment only they didn't follow the schedule that i arranged
but what can i do?
No one could understand and stand by me.
Some customers even will highlight the issue and complaint to the CSC and surely those receptionist will come back to me finally.
Tell me what the different even you highlighted or not?
I am the one who going to face everything.
This is the second time i cried in the office.
I am already crumble with.
How long i could maintain?
Please let go,i just want to cry, i just want to release, don't ever talk much anymore
*Piss off*

Mister Potato Rice Crispy

I belief in sometimes a bite of snack can adorn our life especially when you are boring.
Saw Mister Potato Rice Crisps with Flame Grilled BBQ flavor at 7-eleven and bought it for a try.
I love the taste maybe quite long time didn't take for snack as mummy always told us taking too much of snacks is not good for health.
So for my ears own good and better listen to her advice if not sure you guys will experienced same as me in daily life. =)
The taste is rich and crispy as it is combination of rice and potatoes, i am falling in love with it.
With Mister Potato Rice Crispy i won't easily get fall asleep when i burning midnight oil, working, during class,movie/drama because it kept me company for the moment and the crunch sound does make me awake. =)


Feel nervous without any notify now.
How could i want to continue look forward and keep on going? Huh?
Holding on all i have to do right now

Kechara Oasis@Jaya One

Mama feels like want to dine in at vegetarian cuisine so i suggested went to Kechara Oasis at Jaya One and others are deal with my idea. YES! =)
Well, that day was Wesak Day and seems like was a big day for those vegetarians hence the restaurant provide set menu for 4-10 paxes. Hmm... feel like i enter at wrong timing as what i read in i-FEEL magazine about their meal there is not available and we force to choose others
*feel bad* =(
Would like to order a butter tea which is their signature but it does take around 10 minutes so ya Puer Tea was our final choice. =( *sigh sigh*
While order was done and waiting they serve i'd take a look around the restaurant and no idea to denied the decoration is nice and high class as basically those vegetarian cuisine's decoration was in simple and nice style but this is special for me.
No doubt there is lot of upper class people who like to dine in at here with their LV, Coach, Burberry and those branded stuff. I am like be dazzled by looking their stuff and seems like it is a fashion show! LOL
Well, back to the topic. =)

Appetizer- Kechara salad@RM25
Amdo Yak beef with Tingmo@RM 28
A strong pepper smell and tasted really like beef =)
Yu Xiang eggplant@RM 20
Butter mushroom@RM 25 *personally loved*
Sambal petai prawn@RM 28

Even though it is vegetarian cuisine but the bite do really taste like the real meat you biting somehow.
Taste good, service good, environment good and even car parking is good enough and convenience for customers like us. =)


However, Jaya One is a new and nice place for cari makan, should explore by my own in someday. =)


Office is extremely messy. =.="
Except calling customers for appointment, i need to arrange the old decoder which collect from those installers after they had installed the B.yond set for the customers. Else, take out the battery from the remote control and place it at different boxes which is provided.
Manpower gao gao. >.<"
Various type of decoder, remote control and even batteries like Philips, Energizer, Ikea, Tesco, Panasonic with AA and AAA.
I think im experted in those brand name of batteries. LOL
Well, time passed really fast almost been here for 1 month.
Curious how long i can be right here?


Thursday morning went to Imbi wet market taking my breakfast with parent.
Around 1 year plus didn't be over there and miss the toast and coffee so much! =)
Am late for class after breakfast =p
Looking for reference books at library during break time.
This is the REAL library am going lol
4 books out of 8 all is mine for only ONE SUBJECT.
I'm going to hell man!
When only i can start on my assignment? *sigh*
Good luck!

Tiada Lagi

Headed to Damansara for Rachel's birthday celebration.
Then, headed to the library for second round.
Live band sang 'tiada lagi' and recall back all the scene when i was in NS.
Thanks for them kept me company for the night even just a short while.
Feeling up and down easily.
Depressed + grumpy + moody
What else the best word for describing the feeling?
What the fxxk you want from me?
I need you now, friends

Thanks God


Coming up this month
i will be fxxking busy
3 assignment + 1 presentation
have to be done in this month
plus working and fxxking much of post i haven updated.
I don't want my blog be death! >.<
I could wish i have 48hours per day if can. =.=
Sorry to my readers and am trying my best to update as much as possible.
Thanks for support. =)

*I miss Redang Island so much babe :'(