Study of what I think I should study

Sometimes, I hate the feeling of getting lost and is about everything happen my life, career, family, and love.
Suppose to have a healthy way to handle and I even tried to adapt the feeling somehow when you get used to it there's always something happened twisting it.
Damn it! I hate this feeling so so much! It shows that I'm so petty!
Being stressful for over the weeks.
I can even forgot to take my car park tickets after I have paid, gave wrong card for swipe when I'm doing my purchasing. I feel so funny right, such an idiot.
I have been study about relationship thingy and been observed how couples live with each other.
I always curious how they communicate, any interest to do together and get each other closer.
And I found that communication is always the top 1 you should put effort on.
A relationship always a two way communication, just like when you have your interview, you don't expect only your interviewer to speak but you need to make response or question them as well.
Exactly happen on a couple. Of course you don't always expect your the other half always asking you what are you doing or some kind of question. Some ppl might don't like it cause is a bit like checking. Yourself should show your initiative as well right?
Be spontaneous to tell your other half what are you doing actually, how's your feeling of the day, you are missing him/her.
This is a sharing and they will appreciated that you telling them about yourself.
This is all about trustworthy.
Some ppl not used to show his/her initiative because in their mind is like as long as I know I love you and that's it, I don't need to tell you and the whole world how much am I love you.
In the other way, they think this is a PDA (Public Display of Affection) and they reluctant to do it.
Come on, do you know that this is actually one of the way to show your love?
Don't be so stingy to show your love to your love one! Is not a big deal, right?
For me, a I love you could make my day. Or some sweet/warm action been taken could make my day, for e.g. make me a breakfast, or something could surprise me.
Anyway, girls love surprise, guys please take note. LOL
Is not easy to maintain a relationship, it is two ppl and two communication involved.
Communication channel may misleading each other and create a fight.
For me, if the other half show me his impatient or raise up his voice or be fierce to me while talking to me.
I tell you, I will be super upset or get mad or irritating.
Different ppl have different environment of living and behavior.
That's why some couples can seeing each other everyday and they still can be as sweet as first day.
Some of them, can be quarrel if seeing each other too often.
Some of them, initially meeting everyday and slowly getting lesser and lesser, end of the day break up.
I'm always wondering why ppl can be changed from initially be very aggressive and passion until the end become slacking and passive or not bother anything.
Is time changed us or we changed the time being?
I'm looking for the answer but yet no one could answer me.
I'm still looking for someone who could answer me at the end of the day.
Waiting for the right one.