He's back!

What a good day! I was told he and she will be coming back on the same day in different places and country. Decided meeting them no matter how busy, tiring am i.
Please give applause to me as i'm a good friend. ha!
Dine in at Crystal Jade @ The Garden.
Excited to see them! *wee*
The crunchy cucumber is nice to eat! yum yum~

Sha da jie @ Sally
The most noisy and talkative girl, haha

Hung Ming

Silly face, lol
Wen and Hung Ming.
Sherly and Sally
The brothers, Wen, Xiang, Ming
The shadow of us, hehe
Oh yeah, cam-whore is a must, lol

I love this dishes so much! ^^
cute right the decoration of the plate. hehe

Cam-whore with Winnie the pooh, LOL!

Aiyo, can't believe i look so slim in this picture. XDDDD
Somebody going to kill if he seeing this =p
Again, cam-whore in toilet, haha. She's safely arrived to kl that day from UK and met us up directly.
About 1 year not meeting her up. Miss her so much! muackzzz.
She look prettier nowadays, haha
Xiang, Sherly, Hung Ming cam-whore while taking the escalator, lol.

Wen and Sally, the sibling
We're on the way to Mid Valley for purchasing the ticket, i hate to queue up actually, it's take time for standing there without doing anything. Aiks.

Guys love pose like this huh? =p
With Hung Ming, miss him so much, been Taiwan for study about 2 year meet up once he's back.
All of us are the most close friends during NS. I miss the moment >.<
After the ticket, spend a lil time for pool before movie.
OMG, kinda long time not play pool, almost forgot the skill and rules. @.@

3D green lantern is nice!
At my left
At my right

The way going back home. Why Hung Ming look so cute? haha
They make me a day, appreciated the moment with them. =)
Love ya

JW Marriott @ Shanghai Restaurant

I was followed my boss to JW Marriott Hotel for lunch, heard much of how good of the service, how classy, how expensive, how tasty the food are, but this was my ever first time step into Shanghai Restaurant! I'm lame i knew. =.=ll

Well, now the chance was given and is , am ready to explore my own. muahahaha.
I'm desperate of food very much , =p
Nah, don't think i'm selfish, am sharing here to you what i'd eaten that day, lol!

Snack provided when the seat are ready, i love the peanuts, yum yum =)
Cucumber, what a crunchy and tasty appetizer i'd ever! How did they make it??
My boss stole the recipe but only 80% similar with the pro chef had made. lol!
You gotta try this out, and you will like it so much! I swear!

醉鸡, not bad
Nah, this is the signature of Shanghai Restaurant! Xiao Loong Bao!!!
Too bad, i'm don't take pork because i'm halal, LOL! Just joke!

They purposely ordered this for me as the reason of pork free, see how good to me they are.
Pork rib, their favorite
Malay cake(马来糕)? No idea what to call in english, in Hong Kong dim sum very famous with this and the HK people must to have this in the list, hence consider, dim sum.
Somehow, Malaysian and Hong Kong cultural are totally different, we more on, xiu gao, har gao, etc.
A heavy salted egg taste dissolve for the first bite. Like very puffy, something like that, haha.
Honestly, better than Ding Tai Fung's one.

Hey hey, my favourite! The golden bun (流沙包).
A different way and taste between 锦选香港点心.
Enrich salted egg taste like stock (a kind of essence of thick of soup/sauce)

Finally, end up with desserts, guess what, is a must for me, otherwise the lunch will not be perfectly, haha. I love desserts anyway. =)
杨枝甘露, a kind of mango extract mix with sago, it can be find in everywhere of dim sum restaurant but not every 杨枝甘露 can as perfect as this, give a try if you're fans of mango, like me. haha!
Spend couple of hours for the lunch, non stop eating, nom nom nom~ haha!
Credit to boss for the meal! Love you guys =D


Spend my day with her after class on Friday.

Pity to her as she's doing nothing at hostel while waiting lecturer for inform of the thesis.
Wonder why the management couldn't be improve very soon? =.=ll
Well, i'd bought a voucher from WeBuy again and enjoy the meal at Veenze @ JayaOne.
A new italianese cuisine restaurant in JayaOne.
The atmosphere not bad but the food are just so-so, they added too much of MSG. =(

Wondering when my face can be as sharp as her? haha
The salad.
Fried mushroom. Forgot the name.
Potato soup
Not ordered much, we're not really hungry, so jump into 1U for shopping, since she making noise to shop quite long time. haha.
We did a little shopping and she bought alot. haha.
I'm not bad, get 2 shirt @ Yishion.
The style quite simple and nice. =)

Fitting room in Padini. LOL

She kept accompany me walk along the whole mall for searching something.
I need to get something but can't look for it. ARGH.
Have a dislike to this. I need help~!

Lastly, get us a frappucino of Java chip and dark mocha before we ciaoz.
What a day, enjoy!