Finally I'm here. It's has been an ages never been here to update my routine. No doubt, life has changed due to age, environment, friends and family. 
Today, one of my buddy texted me. We not meeting each other since last year.She recalled me my college life and I missed those day when throwback. =( Well, there always must be a reason which caused me to write a blog tonight.Sound happening to me, I couldn't believed in myself too!Hmm...

I miss my yongsuisui and my baobei who going back to their hometown on this CNY. =(
I miss them badly! T___T I have no idea what should I do when I see something that I shouldn't see. It's caused your heart beating fast and the thing keep flash back on your mind over and over again. It's freaking insane!I miss him freaking bad and I don't think he will realize although I always tell in front of him. I'm not sure whether am I important to him. I still feel insecure although he had made the statement. I feel down at the moment. He is not beside me when I need him the most. What I need is a simple caring, that's all, please tell me that ain't hard, right?