Chung Wa Dae @ Jalan Ampang

Just end-up Crystal's 20th birthday celebration on last Wednesday at Restaurant Chung Wa Dae Korean BBQ cuisine which located at Jalan Ampang. Basically here is much of Korean cuisine,Korean grocery shop and named as Korean street if i am not mistaken as majority Korean foreigners staying at there. The owner of the restaurant was an authentic Korean as well.
Well, back to the topic, when every each of us birthday surely will held a celebration with full of surprise. =)
We'd planned well and get ready to 'serve' our surprise. Haha
I am cheated her that i couldn't join them for dinner although i am going to give her surprise.
She feel shocked when i am appear but guys, do you think our surprise is over? NO! I am just the beginning for warm up only! The big big one still at the behind! haha.
Tadaa~~~ BIG SURPRISE appear!!! Mr. Edwin with the birthday cake! haha
When she saw her boyfriend appear in front of her as surprise directly she teardrop, all of us get shocked and like........ *keep sweating* don't know what to say liao... haha
She never expected Edwin will be there and our plan is damn successful!! haha
Damn satisfaction like what Mr. Rishi said! LOL
I am wondering why i am always the person who need fetch by their boyfriends when giving their girlfriend a surprise during their birthday celebration?
Hey, sweeties, does you all noticed that huh? LOL
Let's guess who is the next? haha

We'd start our dinner when the meal is serving hot. =) *yum yum
Sorry for i didn't provide a complete information about the meal as i keep busying prepare the surprise to my sweety. Crystal. =)
*I am the cameragirl on that night too.

small dish =)
Top: Vinegar Bottom: Sesame oil
Main character : Crystal =)
She is cooking haha
Rachel, Woon Fun, Sherly

Sherly, Crystal
(seem that day was her big day so she is not the people i hated most for temporary XD)
Sherly, Crystal, LilianMiso Soup
chao nian gao
ginseng chicken soup
Korean ice kacang
BBQ set - pork, chicken

This is the catalog that show the styles of eating. If you still don't understand,
come let's our model Woon Fun show it to you. =)
Take a slice of vegetable leaf, then pick some small dish that you like put it on the leaf
And this is what it called as big mouth one time eat! XD
She look childish in this pic XD
Someone told me those Korean girls look gorgeous in Korean drama and ask us to act elegant. LOL
However, this style is more suitable to me and i feel comfortable! XD

Edwin, Crystal

Jang Dong Gun
We finished it!

Rachel's creation. Like what we did last time at Bangkok lol
Pretty Lilian =)
See how lucky are we, group photo with Jang Dong Gan. LOL
OMG, 3 of us are look sooo... SML la weiii... *Rachel do you noticed that? LOL

Woon Fun want show her mirror but Rachel rampas when we're camwhore+ing
'Salty hand pig' Rachel! XD
Rachel & Woon Fun
This girl (Rachel) always look for an angel to make her face look small when taking the pic =.=''

Sweet couple
Lilian was waiting XD
Ms "hot chick" XD
Noob Crystal said this angel i look nice when i am eating and captured without my noticed.
Again. *Zoom of manual mode LOL

Seriously that stupid fella handwriting got problem
M'sia become "msn"
Cacat handwriting =.=
5 of us who always stick together =)
Love my sweeties so much! *muackzzz
I love this so much as the ice cream is durian flavor
but somehow there are some of them dislike durian! haha

group before we leave =)

*Credit to Edwin so much on your effort. Thanks guy =)