Murni Discovery Mamak @ Aman Suria PJ

Since a friend of mine told me the famous Murni mamak SS2 had opened a branch at Suria Aman i started made some research and survey from others blogger and Google map as well around 1 month ago. As i knew, it is a good news for those kaki who like having yamcha at Murni because the SS2 branch is too crowded and i'm the one person who is impatient to wait for the seat. If you've experienced like me you will knew how the feels was. I had dated my sweety Lilian for yamcha session on yesterday night. I'm confidence with Google Map and just followed where it is trying to lead me the way besides we were very excited to get there. However,when we had arrived the destination found that is totally two different place and area. I felt like going to kill the Google Map at the moment! I keep pusing few rounds for that area and try to explore by own but failed.Totally lost confidence to Google Map. T^T Well, raining like dog and cat suddenly even can't see clearly the direction. Damn the Google Map, i was like sucker drives from LDP Highway to Federal Highway back again to LDP, from Kelana Jaya to Sunway back again to Kelana Jaya just purposed for searching where is the direction to Jalan PJU but as all i saw is Jalan PJS already started get puzzled by those road name beside wasted me around 10 bucks for toll.
My smart Lilian tried to speculated PJU=PJ-Utara and PJS=PJ-Selatan. LOL. This is why i will get to Federal Highway. XD
Well, i still unwilling to give up
even the clock going to point at 12 am. Luckily i saw a police station and few policemen are watching TV, stopped my car beside police station and try to get answer from them. I'm shocked with the abang who is more expert than noob Google Map because i just told him the name of the Jalan without mentioned area/Taman even this he still can lead me the direction very clearly even his pronunciation in english was bad. LOL.

*Dang~ Dang~ Dang~ Dang~*

Finally,we'd spend almost 3 hours searching for Murni Discovery located at Aman Suria and we was sooooo excited felt like 喜极而泣!!! I think this is the first time in my whole life. LOL. Well, finished all the nonsense came back to the topic. =) *Excited*

I'd help her make an order as she is first time visit. =)

Ribena Longan Juice-RM4

This is Murni signature drink.Longan syrup mixed with Ribena syrup quite tasty and the Ribena syrup really gao gao. My personally loved, You gotta give a try on it =)

Roti Hawaiian Chicken-RM5

Roti Hawaiian Chicken also one of the signature food if you are beef lovers you can try also Roti Hawaiian Beef. Besides Roti Hawaiian they also have other Roti with deep impression name such as Roti Beckham, Roti Japan, Roti Scramble but i not going to try all at one time as i still want visit there again. LOL. Basically the rotis are all stuffed with different fillings, and topped with really generous amount of mayonnaise.

Clay pot lou shu fun-RM 5

When you saw this sure you will curious how come you can found chinese food at mamak. This is one of they unique. The lou shu fun have nothing special with the taste just a little strong taste with pepper and everything was covered by pepper. I saw some of the table ordered for nasi lemak and the size is quite large. Ops, gonna try on next next time. =P

Murni Mamak is one of the famous place for yamcha which mostly KL people will know that especially those students like us. Murni Discovery is not easy to find that's why there won't be too crowded as SS2. Overall for the service, parking(SS2 is difficult looking for car park), food is quite ok for me. *Highly recommended* =)

*Especially thanks to Lilian being accompany me for whole night =)*